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New Uses For Old Shipping Containers


Shipping containers are gaining increasing interest for their recyclability.  They are durable, light-weight, inexpensive, and easy to transport.  Here are some compelling ways that a shipping container can be repurposed.




Their basic box shape makes them ideal for housing. One container can be used for a small single unit. Multiple containers can be combined and stacked for a bigger home or housing complex.  In cities where space is a premium, using storage containers for can be a very attractive, eco- friendly option.


Retail space


A number of retail chains have begun to use them.  They can be great for a coffee shop or a small retail presence.  Sometimes the stores can be highly stylized with detailed paint jobs incorporating a brand’s logo.  Elaborate examples of shipping container stores have been known to end up in architectural magazines.




It takes some creativity to transform an old storage container into a work of art, but it can certainly be done.  They can be stacked or disassembled to create new forms. Their corrugated metal exteriors and wide variety of colors can add an interesting dimension to the art work.

An old shipping container can have many uses. It can be used for housing, retail space and artwork. Re-using them for other purposes also has the added benefit of doing something positive for the planet.

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